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History of Glen Cove Marina
  Glen Cove Marina is located at the very end of Glen Cove Rd. and Smith Rd. on the eastern (Harford County) side of the Conowingo Lake in Darlington, Md. At the end of the road there is a boat launch ramp. Before the Conowingo Dam was built and the lake was formed this was the old Rt1 that continued from here to the Conowingo Toll Bridge crossing the Susquehanna to the Cecil County town of Conowingo. Both the bridge and town were covered by the formation of the Conowingo Lake in 1928. About 1958 John A. Silver received a lease from Philadelphia Electric Company for the 18 acre cove and opened Glen Cove Marina on March 9,1958. The marina offered boat sales and motor service, boat slip rental,rental boats and motors, a boat launch ramp, food and beverage. It also offered a tour boat for organized tours of the lake area. In September of 1970 the marina was sold to Edwin C. Baker. About October 1978 the marina was again sold. The Barger family bought the marina and managed it through 1983. As part of the 1984 relicensing of the Conowingo Dam Philadelphia Electric rebuilt the Marina. A new boat launching ramp was installed, new floating docks were set up to accomodate up to 68 boats. A new store and repair shop, lights,fuel docks,and lighted parking area were also included in the update. The new Glen Cove Marina was reopened under new lease holders, Byron(Butch) Young and Baxter Leonard with a ribbon cutting on June 19,1984. As part of the relicensing agreement for 2014, Philadelphia Electric Company (Exelon Power)has made additional improvements this year. New gas pumps and additional lighting was installed. Also, 2009 marks the 25th Anniversary of Byron Young's management of Glen Cove Marina. Special thanks to Wistar Silver for supplying the information and photos of Glen Cove Marina

Glen Cove photo early 60's

Glen Cove Summer 1962
Baltimore Evening Sun Newspaper article August 1, 1962.

Rate Sheet early 1960's

Early 1960's Promotion Sheet

Directions to Glen Cove Marina early 1960's

Early Glen Cove Promotion Sheat

Glen Cove Marina Reopening 1984
Dedication attended by the orginal founder John A. Silver(white jacket far right),William E. Silver(white jacket left) and Edith W. Silver(daughter of Wistar C. Silver.

Glen Cove Marina 2006

Glen Cove Marina 2006


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